Small Batch Artisanal Coffee Roaster

We specialize in high quality single origin beans, selected for their cupping notes as well as farm practices. We strive to bring you an amazing cup unique to it's origin, while supporting small sustainable farms. 

Coffee Offerings

  • " Some of the best coffee I've ever had and the owners are so down to earth and conscientious about their home business. Highly recommend! "

    Courtney Mix - 7/11/2021

  • " Love their coffee and their response time is excellent! The small bags make great gifts to bring to your friends! "

    Mary Clark Swartz - 6/5/2021

  • " Best coffee ever. I am a fan of the dark roast. Only coffee I can drink without adding cream and sugar. Great job! "

    John Guzek - 9/28/2020

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