Coffee fruit in hand

Birds... Adventure... COFFEE!

Our inspiration for this adventure started with a visit to Aquiares Coffee & Community in Cartago Province, Costa Rica. The farm has been family owned since it was founded in 1890. It is operated by a community of people who are passionate about coffee and ecological sustainability.

We love our small batches! We start with 100% pure Arabica specialty grade coffee beans and roast them in small batches, so your coffee is always fresh.

Single Origin - Like the notes of a good wine come from the quality of the grape, the same can be said for coffee and the bean. Each origin has its own unique flavor profile. We encourage you to try them all!

Our travels through various coffee regions have shown us that the only thing better than the coffee, are the people. While our certifications are important
to us, our goal is to support small farms, and have a positive impact on their sustainability.

So take a flight with us around the coffee belt, and tell us #Whatmakesyouchatty

Spotlight on our suppliers

  • Person harvesting in Uganda
  • Farmers harvesting coffee beans from Ethiopia
  • Lady in red holding a coffee plant branch
  • A group of 6 men
  • Collage of a farmer and hands holding coffee harvest
  • Collage of indigenous people and coffee plants from Mexico
  • Collage of landscape and industrial images from Nicaragua
  • Tribe in front of huts

The adventure so pictures!

  • Birding view from a balcony
  • Coffee plants from Cartago Province, Costa Rica
  • Storeroom of coffee in burlap bags
  • Horseback riding and forests in Cartago Province, Costa Rica
  • Waterfall from Cartago Province
  • Food, drinks and coffee on a glass table
  • Coffee beans on top of burlap bag
  • Monkey sitting in a tree
Selfie of 2 women at the farmers market

"The best thing about being at the Farmers Market, besides the goodies, is the people we are able to cross paths with."

  • Kids posing with mustaches
  • Outdoor farmers market with Chatty Wren tent
  • Working at the farmers market
  • Table with dozens of coffee bags
  • Customers posing with coffee bags and mustaches
  • Indoor farmers market
  • Girl with her thumbs up at the Chatty Wren booth
  • Crowds of people shopping at the Cooperstown Farmers Market